3D Scan / print

Thanks to the constant and rapid development of 3D scanning and printing technology, making objects and models of any size, shape and texture can be reproduced with up to 10-micron accuracy. With many decades of engineering history, imagination and precision, we aim to fulfil the fantasy and imagination of customers, from modelling to implementation, whether it is prototype production, reverse engineering, architectural, artistic, educational, engineering, medical or other industrial needs, or for private individuals.

3D Scanning

Models, objects and bodies can be digitized and printed, regardless of geometry complexity. During the scanning process, a digital model is created; design and modelling programs use the file format created from the digitized model.

3D printing

The 3D printer machine analyses the digitally-produced model and prints it in the same shape and thickness, in layers. This manufacturing process is capable of producing three-dimensional objects in faster, more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner for various fields of operation.