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Welcome to ILST-Hungary Ltd.’s website!


The objective of the development profile of ILST-Hungary Ltd. is to reduce costs associated with energy consumption by utilizing solar and LED-technology lighting products as well as solar power plants.

This endeavour is in line with the global recognition, that intends to shift people’s focus towards renewable energy sources and energy saving, in order to decrease the consumption of our planet’s fossil resources.

By putting ILST products into service, they also indirectly contribute towards the protection of the environment, namely by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which in-turn reduces the greenhouse effect.


Our competences are:

  • plans, manufactures, install
    • lighting products
    • stand alone solar street and public outdoor lighting apparatus
    • superstructure/bodywork regarding aesthetics and functions, on demand
    • solar power plants - network auxiliary or stand alone units that includes managing tender application procedures
  • designing of systems, electrical implementations, mechanical engineering, and modelling
  • innovation, research and development along with universities (plant lighting)
  • engineering mensuration, execution plan, feasibility studies, photo realistic designing
  • rendering complete (even 3D) films to visualise future concepts
  • managing tender application procedures