Budapest, Margaret Island, Swedish-Hungarian Eco playground

In the Eco playground, UNK-MONO-8W-2011 solar panel give field lighting for children to enjoy the playground in the evenings.
Hungary's first eco-playground was delivered to Margaret Island. If you walk into the Árpád bridge, you can discover an interesting change. Between the trees, you can find the only eco-playground in the country, which was officially handed over on Thursday (22.09.2011). On the opening, the mayor, Tarlós István recalled past playground experiences, rightly thought: "With little exaggeration, it's hard to understand how our children could have lived with healthy skin in the 1970s and 1980s." As practicing mothers, we say: they didn't survive with healthy skin, we can all quote some sticky adventure, which ended in the hospital or surgery. Today's playgrounds are much safer, and they can also take on other tasks. The city leader called educational games and fixtures an important feature of the playground in Margaret Island. He stressed that "education for an environmentally conscious city lifestyle cannot be started early enough and it is never too late to start".Karin Olofsdotter, Ambassador of Sweden to Budapest, reports that the construction of a playground is part of a larger project, Green Sweden 2011, which is about the introduction of Swedish sustainable solutions in Hungary. According to the diplomat, the playground was built from environmentally friendly materials with environmentally friendly methods. The ambassador explained: "The information boards on this topic indicate the origin, history, and degradation process of the given materials, so adults can learn a lot of novelties in the field". 
The construction of the eco-playground is one of the stations of a series of programs created by the Swedish Embassy in Sweden, the Swedish Trade Office, and a partnership of seven Swedish companies, in cooperation with the Municipality of Budapest, the Green City Council and the Environmental Education Association. It is located between the Árpád Bridge and the parking lot. The Swedish trade fair for the project The information boards on this project have indicated the origin, history and degradation process of the given materials, so adults can learn a lot of novelties in the field - explained the playground equipment donated in the amount of 10 million forints, the capital's 22 million net. For the lighting of the Eco playground, the capital's management contacted the Hungarian-owned engineer team, who, according to their activities, deserved this honorable task so far. Based on this, it has now earned the invitation with Europe's largest informative reference and reliable functional solar lighting devices.